"Retrocomputing" is the use of early computer hardware and software today. Retrocomputing is usually classed as a hobby and recreation rather than a practical application of technology; enthusiasts often collect rare and valuable hardware and software for sentimental reasons. However, some do make use of it. [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

If you see an old computer at an abandoned dumpster garbage and feel an irresistible urge to pick it up, or retrieved from friends and acquaintances obsolete computers, or still use your old Commodore, Spectrum, Amiga or whatever, leaving aside the latest Play Station and Xbox ... Then you also have the passion of RETROCOMPUTING!

The aim of Retro-computing.it is to preserve and present for posterity the history of computing. The history of computing is longer than the history of computing hardware and modern computing technology.
Retro-computing.it wants to be a kind of virtual museum dedicated to the preservation and celebration of computing, exploring its history and its ongoing impact on society, encompassing hardware, software, documentation, photographs and videos, providing resources and a meeting point for all interested users. An area where technical issues are addressed is also present, and an area dedicated to retrogaming: the retrocomputing applied to video games.
If you find useful information contained in these pages or you will manifest a bit of nostalgia, then I have succeeded in my purpose ... Happy surfing!

I still remember vividly when I saw for the first time "the computer": a glorious Commodore! I was 6 years old and still did not know what it was, nor how it worked, but the strange object had the power to attract my attention and fascinated me enormously! I was curious and my curiosity to see what was inside the "magic box" heightened my desire to know. The Computer was still a relatively unknown field to many and, unfortunately, for my family, "the computer" was just too expensive a toy!

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